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Beyond Organic Beekeeping

At Chickabee we believe in a holistic approach, to beekeeping, to gardening, to life.

The bees are raised naturally, without any sugar or corn syrup feed, antibiotics or inputs of any type. It is honey as pure and natural as it comes, from healthy thriving bees. To learn more of our methods click here.

To Purchase honey or hive products please visit us at the Ancaster or Dundas farmers markets or call ahead to visit the farm.

                     Bee Swarms

If you have a swarm in your yard or property call me (905-531-2242) or email shawn@chickabee and I will come and remove it.

There is no charge for swarm removal, I do not touch other insects (wasps, hornets) or remove hives from homes or structures. (but can put you in touch with someone who does)

Honey,      Pure, Raw, minimally filtered

250g                   $6.00

500g                   $10.00

1kg                     $18.00

Comb honey     $10.00

Creamed           $8.00

Honey and hive
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