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Chickabee farm is focused on education, every summer we accept interns from May until October for hands on learning opportunities.

Four main enterprises form the base of the Chickabee farm model; Treatment free beekeeping, intensive vegetable production, Forest orchard management, and plant propagation/Nursery.

Additionally a small flock of chickens managed in a rotational pasture system and open public workshops.

Learning Oppurtunities

Intensive vegetable production

Treatment free Beekeeping

Forest orchard design and management

Plant propagation/ Nursery management

Flock management/ rotational grazing

Permaculture design certificate (PDC)

Holistic management

Business skills, financial/ marketing/ planning

Work Requirements

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Develop competence in each enterprise through hands on experience from planning to execution.

Remuneration; organic fruit and produce, pastured eggs and raw honey, multiple educational oppurtunities, assist or participate in on and off farm workshops, monthly stipend dependant upon skill and time commitment.

Lodging is Not available, Interns must secure own.

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