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Farm Members


Chickabee farm members support the farm early in the season before the harvests begin by purchasing a 'share' or membership. For your support Chickabee commits to providing deep organic produce picked daily before pick-up or delivery, providing access to member only products, including eggs and the first choice on weekly crops at less than market price.

Growing beyond organic; My family are the first clients, the farm is our home; fertilizers, pesticides and other poisons are never tolerated whether they are considered conventional or even organic. We strive to grow the freshest, most nutritionally dense food we can by developing the health of the farm, the soil, and surrounding environment.  

As a farm member you are considered part of the family, if at any time you are unsatisfied don't hesitate to speak of your concerns and we will make it right.


There are two ways to become a member...CSA (weekly vegetable baskets) or CSAFlex (Free choice market shares).

CSA (community supported agriculture)

Each week as a subscriber you will recieve a box of deep organic produce, picked fresh each day before delivery or pick up.

The CSA model allows Chickabee to use its small space efficiently by planning production needs ahead of time, and communicating with subscribers their preferences. Selling by CSA helps us focus on growing nutrient dense foods rather than marketing, and mitigates some of the risk of farming with nature.


Small: Single person with occasional dinner guest

        $40.00 per week

$400.00 Half season              $800.00 Full Season

Medium Single vegetarian or a couple

        $50.00 per week

$500.00 Half Season                  $1000.00 Full Season

Large. 3-4 member family

         $60.00 per week

$600.00 Half Season               $1200.00 Full Season

CSA Flex

Not comfortable with receiving a weekly box? Prefer to choose products yourself? Yet still want to enjoy the benefits received from the CSA program. Become a CSAFlex member.


Every week Chickabee brings a large assortment of products to market, with several options reserved strictly for farm members. Become a member by purchasing a share early in the season for whatever amount you desire and receive additional credit to use during the market season.


For example purchase a $250 membership in May and use it towards weekly market purchases with an additional $25 credit, effectively $275. You can top up the credit at any time during the season to enjoy access to member only products.

Credits Purchased before May 1st receive an additional 5% credit. (15% credit)

Before March 15th receive an additional 5% credit (20% total) 

2019 Full season runs from June 8th to October 20th.  

Additional weeks may be added up to Dec 16 with payments on a biweekly basis.

A half season is considered  to be Bi-weekly deliveries(June 8th to October 20th)

Pick up or, How do I get my weekly basket?

From the farm as arranged...or


Wednesday- Ancaster farmers market 3-7 pm;

Thursday- Dundas farmers market; 3-7 pm

CSA/CSAFlex order
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