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Learning to walk with nature


At the age of one my family spent three months in the woods of Killbear provincial park. As I stumbled my first steps over roots and rocks, collecting bruises amongst the brush I learned to walk with nature. We spent alot of time in the wilds of Ontario, discovering the natural world.

When closer to home visiting my grandparents garden, eating berries and dipping rhubarb in sugar. Eating home made pies and warm tomatoes from the vine. Birds twittering in the trees as frogs croaked out their dominance. Visiting my great uncles home and swimming in the natural pool (he called it a pond). The water cool and refreshing, the reeds mysterious and intriguing, dragonflies zipping by and the cool shade beneath the great willow like a hidden refuge within its drooping branches.


Every week in summer we spent time visiting farms, mostly picking fruit (for those wonderful pies and jams), but also learning where our food came from. We went on farm crawls, visited maple bush's, tour dairy and hog operations, collected eggs and visited friends farms.


My 'Career' led me to eat through many great restaurants but my toes never left that inviting cool pond. Through the years I have planted many gardens, and built ponds for myself, friends and clients as I studied Permaculture design, Organic and biodynamic systems, Natural building, Hydrology and Horticulture.


When I was a child the sky was blue, the snows were deep, and the world buzzed with insect life, now the skies are hazy, the snows replaced with damaging storms and the world has gone quite.


Let's bring nature back into our lives and dreams.







True organic foods are not processed in a plant, shipped thousands of miles or grown in huge monocrop farms.


Organic is local, grown on smaller family farms, and uses traditional methods.


The organic movement started as a grassroots push for healthy food, people and places. Soon after corporation and governments claimed it, defined it, and promptly destroyed it. Organic is now just more expensive conventionally grown products, processed in plants, shipped thousands of miles and grown in huge unsustainable monofarms.


Beyond Organic is about relationships with your food and farmers, not a label on a can or box. True Organic is about healthy environments, healthy food and healthy people, grown locally, fresh, wholesome, and delicious.


True food is grown from a plant, not created in a plant.

                  Micheal Pollan





Permaculture is an ethical system of design for the creation of regenerative human environments that mimic and blend with natural ecosystems.

The three ethics are; Earthcare, peoplecare, and futureshare.

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