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Vital Statistics (Hamilton Airport reporting station)

These numbers are particular to a site but give a great starting point for most of Southern Ontario.

Size 405m x 528m 21.4 hectares

USDA zone 5a

Annual precipitation: (167 days, 36.7 inches, 917mm)

Ontario water legislation: Http://


Temperature average annual is 12*c with highs of 26* and lows of -12*

Extremes reach 36* and -25*

Sunshine 42% with 1948 hours over 299 days

Cloudy days (no sun) 66 days

Humidity: average relative at 6am and 3pm 86% and 65%

Wind average speed is 16.2 kph with 28 days experiencing wind speeds over 52 kph

Damaging winds occur during winter, Oct-Mar, gusts upto 100km can occur typically in late November.

Soil type:

Sun angle, Summer 70* on June 21, with 15h 25m day light

Winter 24* on December 21 with 8h 57m day light


Precipitation Graph


The driest month is February with 57 mm.

Most precipitation falls in August, with an

average of 91 mm.







Temperature Chart

The warmest month of the year is July

with an average temperature of 19.9 °C.

January, the average temperature is -6.6 °C.

Extremes have reached 36 °C and -25 °C




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