Permaculture has as many definitions as there are practitioners. At its heart it is a philosophy of 'Earth care, People care, Fair share' and it is upon this philosophy that a robust system is emerging.  A growing community of teachers and practitioners has been spreading for 40 years, gathering knowledge and skills powerful enough to shift our view of the world we live in.

Perma(nent) (Agri)culture began as a farming system in Australia, a fragile environment by Holmgren and Mollison.  Along the way other great minds from ecologists, farmers, architects, teachers, and engineers have added thier own research and experience to develop a new way to farm, to live and to interact with our environment.




Plants at Chickabee Farm




Find here all intentional plants found at Chickabee. Plants are listed in categories as established by Dave Jacke's Edible forest gardens as well updates will include pictures of and plant lists for guilds as they establish.


Permaculture Research Institute of Canada


Permaculture Hamilton

Theresa McCuaig is a PDC certified permaculture designer living in Hamilton, Ontario






The Permaculture Research Institute is the project of Geoff Lawton and Zaytuna farm in Austrailia. A great place to connect with other permaculture enthusiasts, check out the site by clicking the logo above.


The permaculture institute has released a copy of the Permaculture Design Certificate workbook. Check out thier site by clicking the logo above, great site with great resources.


Suppliers of plant material for permaculture in Ontario


Here are the main suppliers I have and continue to use for seeds, and plants for Chickabee Farm. They are all growers of cool and cold climate temperate plants suitable for zones 3-10.


Grimo Nut Nursery

Richters Herb Farm

Gretas Organic Seeds

Golden Bough Tree Farm

Whiffletree Tree Farm

Yuko's Herbs

Mapple farms

Whatcom seeds

Artemesia nursery


Siloam Orchards 

A large forum and permaculture database run by Paul Wheaton


Hamilton Permaculture Guild

A growing group from hamilton and surounding areas gathering monthly.

Allan Savory is an African born ecologist concerned with remediation of the worlds fragile enviroments and reversing desertification. Check out his TED talk for great inspiration.



Gaiacraft of British Columbia



A great resource for beginner farmers providing education, support and even land to start farming.



Connecting begininng farmers with land owners.


Fresh city farm coop, Torontos Urban farmers




Green Edmonton

A great blog about the Mill creek netzero home and the saskatchewan conservation house project. In Southern Ontario Dave Braden of Flamborough lives in a house designed using the SaskCon house plans

A couple really good websites

Pattern Literacy- Toby Hemenway

Whole systems Design- Ben Falk


Urban Agriculture Policy, Planning, and Practice

A Report for the City of Hamilton, Ontario

May 2013



drizzler forum

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"The ecologically-destructive path we are on is as if all of humanity is in a giant car heading towards a brick wall at 100 miles per hour. Everyone in it is arguing about where to sit. Permaculturalists are some of the only ones who know how to put on the brakes and turn the wheel

                                                                                                                                 Dr David Suzuki
                                                                                             award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster

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