Treatment-free Beekeeping courses

This is a hands on and classroom style course

Introduction to Beekeeping

The best teacher is the experience and time spent with the bees, but first we need to understand the super-organism that is the hive. From purchasing your first bees, through installation and a seasons care, we will go over the many facets of beehive management.

You will leave with the confidence and understanding of how to care for and manage your colonies treatment free, the importance of bee math, what equipment you need and what you don't, the basics of expansion and an understanding of how to use all of your senses to 'read' the sensual atmosphere of the hive.  

Expansion Beekeeping

This is not a queen grafting lesson.


Taking advantage of the bees natural tendencies to swarm and thus expand their numbers can allow us to grow our apiaries and operations. A strong overwintered colony will attempt to raise a queen and split into a swarm often seen as a loss of productivity but what if we let them, and even help them, to reach their destiny and desire. The hive knows within 20 minutes it is Queenless and will immediately begin to raise a new queen, in fact it will raise many, on a very predictable schedule. Learn the bee math behind this phenomenon and turn one hive into 2,3,6 or even 10 new hives.

Treatment Free Beekeeping


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